Access Issues for Kiteboarders

Since the beginning of the sport kiteboarding access has been an issue. Sharing space with existing user groups, has meant coexisting in a harmonious manner.

This usually requires information sharing, public education, and kiteboarder education. Every kiteboarding community has an obligation to protect their access or risk getting shut down or banned.
Local groups will generally develop a code of conduct and designate areas and launch sites to a particular purpose. Only with a comprehensive plan that includes all user groups, can a kiteboarding community hope to maintain access. Whenever there is conflict or disrespect, there will be a loss of good will, tolerance is tested and restrictions from the authorities quickly follows.
The most successful kiteboard communities have active associations, clubs or committees that work with the community and help inform the kiteboarders how to behave in a helpful and non threatening manner.
Kiteboarders too when traveling should always check into the local rules, agreements, and etiquette, and do their best to keep the local kiters, and all users happy.