Kiteboarder Certification Cards

For many years now the top training organizations in the world have issued Kiteboarder certification cards. Kiteboarder certification cards are for kiters what PADI cards are for scuba divers. Kiteboarder certification cards serve several purposes..

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Kiteboarder Handbook: New Edition Available

The IKO has released a NEW AND IMPROVED 6th Edition Kiteboarder Handbook! This Edition is a necessary companion for any beginning or intermediate kiteboarder looking to become a safe independent rider. It is comprised of explanations, exercises and a complete list of kiteboarding terminology that all help you learn

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Kiteboard terminology

Knowing the correct terminology gives a kite-boarder the ability to describe his situation and allows for better communication of ideas and information. Here is a quick list of Kite terms for you.

Aerial – Any trick done in the air

Backstall – When the kite falls backwards, stall

Chicken loop – the loop that connects the harness to the kitebar

Danger Zone – the area where you can get hit with the kite

Drop zone – the area where the kite can fall, the floor of the WW

Edge – to angle the board in the water

Edge of window – the edge of the wind window with the least power.

Fly away – a loose kite

Front Roll – a spin rotating in the direction of travel

Grab – to grab the board during a jump

Hot launch – to launch in the middle of the power zone

Inside lines – the lines that go from the middle of the bar to the front of the kite.

Outside lines – the lies that go from the outside of the bar to the back of the kite

Power zone = the middle of the wind window

Quick release – a device used to release the equipment quickly

Reach – to ride across the wind

Sheet in – to pull the bar towards you

Sheet out – to push the bar away

Stopper ball – a device to stop the bar sliding too far up the lines

Trim line – the thick sliding line through the center of the bar.

Underpowered – to have a kite that is too small for the wind conditions

Venturi – wind funneling between two objects and getting stronger

Wind Window – the area where the kite can fly

Xray – what you need after a big wipeout

Zenith – The top of the wind window