Do not use a kiteboard leash

Do not use a kiteboard leash. Kiteboard leashes are dangerous and are known to cause serious injury and even death.

Kiteboard leashes have been banned by most kiteboarding schools and training organizations, and the majority of manufacturers do not recommend using them. There have been a large number of reported injuries and incidents caused by board leashes. These include; board recoil, board striking the rider causing facial injury and head trauma, and catastrophic brain injury. Kiteboard Leash injuries including lacerations and digital amputations, chocking and drowning. Kiteboard leashes are also implicated in many kiteboarding accidents by causing entanglements with gear, trapping the rider on the sea floor and submerged objects, causing safety system failure, loss of control and more. Do not use them. Kiteboard leashes are not necessary, modern equipment and good technique is all that is necessary to recover a lost board.