IKO in the USA

IKO USA Press release,
The International Kiteboarding Organization is best known as the world’s largest professional kiteboarding community.

IKO is also the biggest kiteboarding organization in the United States with 12 pro- centers (on water and snow), plus 3 US Examiners provide ITC Instructor training Courses, and hundreds of active American instructors are working here and traveling abroad.
IKO has been growing in the USA since 2001 and it provides training and ongoing support for its members. IKO training is available for kiteboarders of every level, and once certified IKO instructors can get support and jobs almost anywhere in the world.
For people wanting to get certified as an IKO instructor, there are courses at many different US locations including: Florida, Cape Hatteras, New York, Hood River, Seattle, San Francisco, Los Angeles, and Hawaii or anywhere they are needed.
If you like to travel there are nearby destinations to do your training like; Baja, Puerto Rico, the Caribbean; Aruba, Bonaire, Dominican Republic (and worldwide as well).

Here are a few quick facts about IKO:
IKO Kiteboarder Certification is the only system recognized internationally in over 40 countries.
IKO has a comprehensive teaching system: tried, tested proven and regularly updated for over 12 years and is backed and supported by the international IKO Network.
IKO has the most reputable “AAA rated” and best value kiteboarding insurance NOW available in the USA (and worldwide)
IKO has job opportunities all over the world (with access to exclusive IKO job bank).
IKO has products and teaching materials including; videos, online training courses, handbooks, manuals, flags, stickers, safety posters, apparel, and more.
Career Opportunities:
IKO Instructors can become, head instructors, center managers school owners, and teach specialty subjects with our exclusive extended courses, snowkiting, powerkiting, and more.

Here is what IKO Examiner David Dorn says about teaching with IKO:
“IKO is the biggest name in professional kiteboarding certifications. So don’t waste your money on a no-name course. IKO is run by real kiteboarders, and has a strong and dedicated team. IKO instructors can teach anywhere in the world, and they will always get a job. Because IKO has the best training and support that an instructor can get. If you are serious about becoming an kiteboarding instructor you definitely want to get certified with IKO”.
“IKO Instructor training courses start at IKO Assistant 3day course for around $300 dollars. Training courses are available all over the USA and around the world, check out the links below to get started.”

To get started go to the website:
To see a list of available ITC courses go to the IKO Training Calendar: