Assistant Instructor Course – Miami FL

Course details:  AITC Assistant Kiteboarding Instructor Course

Location: Miami fl

Host School: Miami Kiteboarding

Examiner: Christophe Ribot


Dates: March

Duration: 5 days

Pre-Registration: yes

Pre-requisites: 16 years old, Kiteboard 6month  minimum,


What is the assistant instructor’s job about?

You wish to get a job as an Assistant Kiteboarding Instructor or you want to start your kiteboarding pro career and need to gain experience to attend an IKO ITC?
In both cases the assistant instructor training is for you!
It is a great way to gain experience to prepare for a professional career, or simply discover what an instructor’s job is all about! In a few words, it is the best way to mix your passion and your job, and you can start as early as 16 years old.

As an IKO Assistant Instructor, you are qualified to:

  • Manage the equipment organization and maintenance.
  • Manage the kite launching and landing of a group of 2 students.
  • Teach 1 student at a time (up to level 1D and under the supervision of an IKO instructor level 2
  • Supervise the safety of 4 kiteboarders from level 3/J and above who rent equipment or need assistance.

The assistant instructor program is essential to candidates with no prior teaching background in any water or aerial sport. If you intend on following an ITC (instructor course) the assistant instructor program is a prerequesite to becoming IKO instructor level 1.

Training schedule

The training is organized in 3 steps and is completed in a minimum of 3 days, additional days may be added as needed.

. The 2 first steps are usually completed in 1 day:

Evaluation of your competencies:

  • Kiteboarding knowledge
  • Practice level
  • Theoretical competencies: level check and update of knowledge.

(During the 3rd step, you will work with your instructor level 2 in live situation. You act as assistant instructor during at least 10 hours of lesson.)
Note: the Assistant Instructor will receive his diploma by post upon successful completion of his training.

Your will become part of IKO’s international network!


  • Be at least 16 years old (parental consent if under 18).
  • Be certified IKO kiteboarder level 3 for at least 6 months (or have equivalent level of practice)
  • Have a valid first aid and CPR diploma.


Where to start the Training as an Assistant

To start your training, you need to register online here!
By doing so and upon successful completion of your payment, you will automatically receive your Assistant Instructor Manual online.
Download and print it!
Then contact Miamikiteboarding : to start
your training with an IKO Instructor Level 2 or above.

How much will it cost?

The fee to register as a candidate Assistant instructor and receive the Assistant Instructor Manual online is $50.
Assistant Instructor Insurance can be added on top of that.
Insurance is valid for 1 year. The level 2 instructor running the training will then charge the balance of the course fee, to complete the training.

Click here to register! Contact us for Riding Skill test or call

We have been certifying students and riders with the IKO card Level for the last 3 years, which allows you to purchase a kitesurfing liability insurance (required to ride in Crandon park) via IKO website.