Kiteboard terminology

Knowing the correct terminology gives a kite-boarder the ability to describe his situation and allows for better communication of ideas and information. Here is a quick list of Kite terms for you.

Aerial – Any trick done in the air

Backstall – When the kite falls backwards, stall

Chicken loop – the loop that connects the harness to the kitebar

Danger Zone – the area where you can get hit with the kite

Drop zone – the area where the kite can fall, the floor of the WW

Edge – to angle the board in the water

Edge of window – the edge of the wind window with the least power.

Fly away – a loose kite

Front Roll – a spin rotating in the direction of travel

Grab – to grab the board during a jump

Hot launch – to launch in the middle of the power zone

Inside lines – the lines that go from the middle of the bar to the front of the kite.

Outside lines – the lies that go from the outside of the bar to the back of the kite

Power zone = the middle of the wind window

Quick release – a device used to release the equipment quickly

Reach – to ride across the wind

Sheet in – to pull the bar towards you

Sheet out – to push the bar away

Stopper ball – a device to stop the bar sliding too far up the lines

Trim line – the thick sliding line through the center of the bar.

Underpowered – to have a kite that is too small for the wind conditions

Venturi – wind funneling between two objects and getting stronger

Wind Window – the area where the kite can fly

Xray – what you need after a big wipeout

Zenith – The top of the wind window