Barack Obama kiteboarding with Richard Branson

New photos of Barack Obama horsing around with Richard Branson

Former President Barack Obama unwound from eight years in the White House with some extreme sports on his Caribbean vacation with billionaire friend Richard Branson.




These rules comprise the terms under which the FAA permits kiteboarding within 5 miles of Kahului Airport.

  • All kitesurfing participants must be responsible for seeing and avoiding aircraft.

  • No kiteboarding in the 2 nautical mile long by one nautical mile wide corridor. The corridor’s length starts at the end of the OGG airport runway. The corridor’s width is comprised of one half a nautical mile on each side of the runway, from the runway’s end to sea. Please refer to the Map below.

  • The waiver is applicable and only valid between the hours of official sunrise and sunset

  • All kiteboarders shall be responsible for seeing and avoiding non-participants

  • The rope or attaching cables must not exceed 125 feet in length and no kite shall be operated more than 125 feet above sea level.

  • Kiteboarding safety meetings will be conducted within every 12 month period

New IKO Kiteboarding Instructor Manual

The IKO has released the latest release of the IKO Kiteboarding Instructor Manual. The IKO manual is regularly updated and this version is the 6th and latest revision in 14 years.

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