Montrose Beach Kiteboarding Rules and Regulations

Rules created by Chicago Parks District govern kiteboarding access.

Memorial to labor day season beaches are open to swimmers.

To protect swimmers and the swim zone, the following rules apply:

Only kiters who have the level2 PASA, or Level3 IKO certification are allowed.

Kiteboarding is forbidden in the swim zone.

Kiters must present their Kiteboarder Cert cards to the Lifeguard station.

To be allowed to kiteboard for the day.

When beach closed to high surf/high wind then beach transitions to shared use for windsports and kayak.

Only PASA IKO kite surfers may kite at Montrose Beach

You must have a city-issued streamer attached to your kite.

Maintain a 100 foot safety zone from kite, remain clean of people, piers etc.

Kiteboarding upwind of swimming area only

Teaching is not allowed at any time.

No teaching or beach flying of practice kites (4m or larger), no body dragging in water.

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