The Thrill of Snowkiting

 “Snowkiting is a logical progression from kitesurfing,” with its jumps, flips and turns, Snowkiting can be like a dance never-ending.  Freestyle snowkiting with a snowboard, or snowkite touring on skis while dragging a small sled with supplies is more fun.

This extreme sport is gaining in popularity by leaps and bounds but exactly what is the draw to snowkiting?  “The amazing sense of freedom,” Covering several kilometers per day is not unusual for a snowkite-touring trip.


Safety, satisfaction and fun are the watchwords for IKO Snowkite Instructors. If you are passionate about snowkiting and want to share your knowledge, become an Instructor. There are 2 different paths to becoming an IKO Snowkite Instructor. The first path is for someone who is not already a kiteboard instructor. For this, all you have to do is take a 5-day Instructor Training Course (ITC) hosted by an IKO Affiliated Snow Center. The second path is appropriate for existing IKO water kiteboard instructors, which is to take a shorter Instructor Equivalency Course (IEC). The IEC only lasts 3-5 days. You can find all our courses by clicking the following link to go to our training calendar.